#728: The Word of Your Testimony [Podcast]

Hope for Healing & Faith for Living Podcast

Jesus bought us the victory through giving of himself as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin but for us to walk in that victory, we have a part to play. In today’s podcast we will see our part is overcoming and walking in victory with all the glory going to God! Listen […]

Reach In And Take Your Healing

One of my favorite stories in all of the Bible can teach us many things on how to receive our healing.   Mark 5:25-28 (NKJV)  Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years, and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no […]

#627: A Generous God [Podcast]

Hope for Healing & Faith for Living Podcast

In today’s podcast we are going to look at James Chapter 1 and pull out some wonderful truths and instructions that will help us in our prayer life. It is God’s will that we ask and receive so let’s stay humble, learn and grow! Listen to the podcast: Text: James 1:2-8 (ESV) 2 Count it […]

Be Consistent In Doing The Right Things

John Maxwell said, “The secret to success is determined by our daily agenda.” The problem is not always that we are doing the wrong things. It’s that we are not doing the right things on a consistent basis. One of the things we must be consistent in is meditating on God’s Word so that we can […]

#726: Keys To Spiritual Growth – Part 2 [Podcast]

Hope for Healing & Faith for Living Podcast

In today’s podcast we will talk about what can be a difficult subject. Know that I love you and there is no condemnation here. We want to encourage you to continue to move forward in all Christ has for you. Listen to the podcast: Summary: Romans 10:17 So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by […]

#725: Overcoming Depression a Testimony For My Daugther [Podcast]

Hope for Healing & Faith for Living Podcast

Nobody is exempt from depression. Here is a testimony of how we helped our daughter get out of depression and overcome many things. The most solid foundation that you can walk on is the Word of God. Listen and see how we walked on the Word. Listen to the podcast: Blessings, Mike Harmon