Our Services/Testimonials

Life Coaching, Biblical Counseling, Teaching, Mentoring

Road to Glory offers Christian Life Coaching, Biblical Counseling and Mentoring. It depends on your objectives and goals as to which of our services will be best for you.  All of our services are conducted by phone and email allowing us to work with clients regardless of their location.

Road to Glory

Cost & Number of Sessions:

We offer 6 sessions and they are free. Should a client decide they would like to help support the ministry of Road To Glory with a financial gift, it will be considered a free will offering and will go towards helping us continue to provide these services. Whether a client donates to the ministry of Road to Glory or not has no impact on our commitment to serve them. For information regarding donations being tax deductible, please visit our Donations page.

Four Things We Ask of Our Clients:

1. Commit to attending a local Church of your choice or actively be in the process of looking for one
2. Commit to praying for the ministry of Road to Glory
3. Have a sincere desire to grow and a teachable heart
4. Make all scheduled sessions


Road to Glory does not charge for the services we provide. However, we believe to have the greatest possible impact, clients need to place a high value on our services by keeping schedules appointments.

Contact Us:

Contact us and we will set up a time for a brief phone call to discuss your goals and how we might help. Email: info@roadtoglory.org  Phone: (405) 494-0177


Below are some of the testimonials we have received. In ourselves, we can do nothing but through Christ all things are possible. It’s by his grace and the truth of his Word that lasting and effective change comes. All the glory always goes to our good God.

This ministry has been the link that has connected me to God’s promises being fulfilled in my life. Tim has used scriptures from the Bible 100% of the time to guide me step by step to break through the barriers (some of which I didn’t even realize were there) that were keeping me from experiencing all that God has planned for me. It has truly been a blessing to work with him! – Amy, Oklahoma

I had reached out to Tim for prayer after reaching a point of feeling helpless and hopeless. I had experienced great opposition and deep pain in the months prior. Tim not only said he would pray, but he offered his time to talk with me. Tim listened to my painful experiences and then with compassion and a gentle firmness he asked me questions in which ultimately led me to refocus my thoughts. Tim did not give me the answers, but he helped me to see the good things that were happening in my life. He helped me to see my strengths and with Godly wisdom built upon those strengths. He did not dismiss the painful experiences and disappointments I had endured; however, he equipped me with Scriptures to overcome my pain and disappointments, as well as to see what mattered most in my life. After an hour of conversation with Tim, my hope and faith awakened. – Lynn, Oklahoma City

Mike Harmon always has an inspiring message on healing. He mixes biblical scripture and personal experiences that would be beneficial for anyone to hear. I look forward to and learn something new every week. The anointing flows through him and makes the word come alive. Mike has a unique style that mixes humor in his message to keep it entertaining as well. –  Pete, Oklahoma City

I am a person that has difficulty sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings and thus, in the past, had refused to go to any type of counseling. For many years I have gone though trying to resolve my problems on my own. I felt my problems would be too much of a burden for anyone else to know about, much less for them to try to help me with them. Counseling with Tim has felt like somewhat of a burden has been lifted because it truly seems like he is helping me carry some of the load. I know there is still a lot I need to learn in my journey, but I know now that I don’t have to do it alone – someone else genuinely cares, is praying, and is helping me along the way. Tim has a way of making you laugh when you don’t even feel like smiling.  – C.R. Bakersfield, CA

I am most thankful for Tim and the Road to Glory ministry.  Logistically, it was not feasible for me to meet in person for our ministry sessions; however, Tim suggested we converse by phone. “There is no distance in spirit” as the Bible mentions. Thus, the Biblical teachings and prayer that Tim has ministered to me transcends across the miles! During our time together, the Word has been spoken boldly over me. “Faith comes by hearing, & hearing by the Word of God.” Through the fresh Word Tim has shared with me, God has brought healing, vision, comfort, wisdom, revelation and joy! Our times together “stir up my faith.” Tim brings the love of Jesus to his clients. I have experienced this firsthand. Again, I am thankful for this ministry, & the timely blessing it is in my life. God bless Road to Glory beyond beyond!  – Irlene, Oklahoma 

I really feel that counseling helped improve the quality of our life and our marriage. I really felt comfortable in the environment that our counselor provided for our therapy. It was very comforting knowing it was a Christian environment that was confidential and we never had fear of being judged. But rather accepted while we could explore avenues of healing that focused on us. I would highly recommend counseling through this ministry for everyone who seriously wants freedom and change in their lives and relationships. – Renea, Oklahoma City

I didn’t know how to process my multitude of thoughts and feelings.  I desperately needed healing for my grief. It helped me so much to know someone cared about me enough to pray and read my numerous emails. Tim reminded me of verses that talked about God caring for the widow and the fatherless. It helped me feel special and loved during a time of emptiness, sadness and fear. – Betsy, North Carolina